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Undisclosed Settlement Against Children’s Courtyard

Haslam & Gallagher, LLP, sued Children’s Courtyard on behalf of 2 sets of parents who claim that the daycare center hid evidence of child molestation and aided a criminal. The personal injury law firm reached an undisclosed settlement for their clients in the case.

Both sets of parents accused that a day-care worker sexually assaulted their sons during naptime. The parents also claimed that the day care destroyed documents and lied to investigators to cover up their crimes.

Children’s Courtyard and employee, Paul Lair Jr., were sued by the parents of the alleged victims, M. and G., in Tarrant County District Court. Children’s Courtyard has around 5,000 children enrolled in 22 day care centers across Texas. The parents accused Lair of taking their sons “behind bookshelves” and other discreet areas of the center which were outside the view of cameras. Lair then made the boys undress and perform sexual acts. These incidents took place back in 2001. Eventually, G. complained about Lair to his parents, and an investigation was initiated.

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