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Slipping And Falling In Amusement Parks

Florida has many of the most popular amusement parks that people all around the world come to visit and spend various days with their families and friends. Amusement parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, and more, are places where people enjoy themselves and experience new adventures. People assume that roller-coaster disasters are the accidents that occur in amusement parks, but these accidents are extremely rare. The most common accidents that occur in amusement parks are slip and fall accidents which can result in an injury claim.

Causes for Slipping and Falling in Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have so many activities and traffic of people going on that so many different things could be the cause of a slip and fall. When a person does not purchase the express pass, they might find themselves standing in line for hours waiting to go on one ride. With so many hours outside in the sun and then entering indoors for an attraction, or another area can mean that their eyes will require a while to adjust to the sudden change in brightness. With that being said, it can dazzle the vision of a visitor.

Amusement parks have many different merchants that sell food and drinks, and with the excitement of going on rides while drinking or eating can lead to spills. These spills can cause a person to slip and fall because their initial vision was dazzled from the change of brightness. These are the following hazards that can contribute to a slip and fall:

  • Maps
  • Brochures
  • Drinks
  • Foods
  • Trash
  • Puddles of vomit

All of these hazards are expected in amusement parks which means that proprietors have a duty of care to protect their visitors from any potential risks associated with these hazards. If they are aware that these hazards exist, then they should take more preventative measures for the visitors that are paying to spend their time at their amusement park.

Two Different Categories A Visitor Falls Into

There are two categories that a visitor in an amusement park usually falls under that will show what duty of care was owed to them. The two categories are a trespasser or an invitee. A trespasser is one who either enters a restricted area that was not intended for invitees or someone who somehow manages to sneak into the park when it is closed to the public. An invitee is someone that at the time of their injury were admitted to the park and were in a location that was open to the public. Depending on which category the visitor falls into, the property managers owe a different duty of care to each.

A trespasser will receive a less stringent duty of care than would an invitee. Avoiding deliberate, unnecessary harm is the only duty that is owed to trespassers. In these cases, the sole argument is if the area in which the accident occurred was marked off as being restricted for any visitor. A more stringent duty of care is owed to the visitor if they are able to prove that there was not enough signage that specified that area as being restricted. If the property owner fails to warn visitors of any potential dangers or does not attempt to eliminate the hazard that was foreseeable and recurrent, then they would be held liable for any injuries sustained by the trespasser or invitee.

Amusement Park Slip and Fall Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Falls in itself are very dangerous because a person does not anticipate it from happening. Even a simple fall can result in serious injuries because the body of a person tends to get stiff in an effort to protect itself. Amusements parks have many areas that can cause a person to slip and fall like steps and ramps. If a visitor suffered injuries as a result of a property owner’s negligence, the victim could be able to file a claim against the amusement park. Amusement parks make so much money every year that they should use more resources to protect the people who are supplying them with their income.

Amusement park slip and falls can be difficult because amusement parks have their team of lawyers that work to protect the amusement parks name. Furthermore, amusement parks have a statutory notice requirement that a victim might not know about. Contacting a Miami slip and fall lawyer at Percy Martinez law firm will make all of these requirements known to their client. They work deligently to win the full compensation for their clients.

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