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The Severe Nature Of Auto Accidents In Emergency Lane

Recently, the legislature in Georgia enacted a law which, if properly enforced would impact law enforcement officers, tow truck drivers, and people who need to pull over on Georgia’s interstates by increasing their safety. It is known as Georgia’s Move Over Law and the legislature deemed it necessary because careless and reckless drivers often get too close and crash into vehicles that have stopped in the emergency lane. Motorists need this law to remind them to avoid vehicles in the breakdown lane. There are a multitude of reasons for people colliding with vehicles stopped in emergency lanes including lack of driving experience, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving while distracted. Typically, a collision between a moving vehicle and a stationary vehicle in a breakdown lane has devastating consequences. A large number of people lose their lives every year or suffer catastrophic injuries when fast moving vehicles swerve into the breakdown lane and hit them.

Despite pertinent legislation like Georgia’s Move Over Law, such collisions continue to occur frequently. When someone suffers severe injuries in an emergency lane collision or if they lose a loved one in an emergency lane crash in Georgia, they could be eligible to receive a substantial economic compensation from the at fault party’s insurance. Unfortunately, no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one or alleviate any pain or suffering that occurred due to the accident. An experienced and competent personal injury legal firm know by years of handling such cases that pursuing a personal injury claim for damages against people who have caused them helps the victims with the healing process and hopefully provides some closure. Accident victims as well as their families can finally breathe a sigh of relief when they know that justice has been served in their case when a court awards them compensation for their loss. Emergency lane wrecks can mostly be attributed to speeding, drunken driving, distracted driving, and fatigued driving.

When a motorist is going in excess of the speed limits, their reaction time is significantly reduced. If their situation is further compounded by alcohol use or distracted driving then we have all the ingredients for a disaster in the making. Losing control of your vehicle and slamming into someone else can forever alter both your life and the life of the victim. It may potentially end either or both lives. However, another phenomenon is being reported as being the cause of accidents in the breakdown lane which is known as the moth effect or target fixation and is generally encountered by law enforcement officers or tow truck drivers working at the roadside. This phenomenon occurs when a motorist cannot perform other tasks because their attention is fixated on something distant. Once the driver’s eyes acquire that target, they find it next to impossible to shift their gaze or avert their attention. As the hands follow where the eyes lead, drivers are fixated on their target and crash into stalled or parked vehicles in the emergency lane because they were too fixated on their target to notice the other vehicle.

The moth effect or target fixation typically occurs at night where the bright LED lights of a police vehicle or an ambulance may capture the attention of a driver. Drivers who are tired or drunk generally lack the ability to focus and safely pass parked vehicles in the emergency lanes. Parked or stalled vehicles in emergency lanes are extremely vulnerable to accidents as they cannot take evasive or protective measures to avert a collision with a speeding vehicle. Consequently, these accidents are often fatal and if the victim is lucky enough to survive they may incur severe injuries such as amputations, traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.  If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, call The Angell Law Firm for an initial consultation. The Angell Law Firm represents people who have suffered serious injuries throughout the state of Georgia.

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