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The Haslam Firm have pursued individuals and companies that have hurt and maimed fellow Texans through bankruptcy many times to obtain compensation and try and level the playing field for them.

We are glad to help people that have been wrongfully injured and need to have their lives and their family lives repaired.

  1. The Haslam Firm has won a defense of business fraud allegation.
  2. The Haslam Firm helped Francois Chandou successfully defend a fraud lawsuit in December 2018. Read more here.
  3. Robert Haslam Esq. tried a crossing case in Matagorda and recovered more than 1.5 million dollars in a Brazoria and Corsicana County, Texas cases.
  4. We have been hired in the Biloxi Mississippi train-bus crash case.
  5. The Haslam Firm recovered a million dollar verdict for a worker that suffered a permanent foot injury from a crush injury by a co-worker. Many said he could not recover and the company tried to sell its assets and file bankruptcy. The Haslam Firm pursued the company and subsequent company through bankruptcy to recover monthly lifetime payments for the Tarrant County worker.
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