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The Haslam Firm, LLP Has Won $760,000 In A Lawsuit For A Skydiving Accident

The personal injury lawyers at Haslam & Gallagher, LLP, in Texas, have won $760,000 in a lawsuit which was filed against a now-closed skydiving company and its owner.

The plaintiff in the case was a Joshua teen, Makenzie Wethington, now, 19, who was badly injured after her parachute malfunctioned. The incident took place near Chickasha, Okla, on Sunday 25 January, 2014.

Luckily, the teen survived the 3,000-foot skydiving fall, but she suffered injuries in her liver, a damaged kidney, and several broken bones. Her ribs were fractured, and she had broken bones including her pelvis, lumbar spine in her lower back, and a shoulder blade. Several of her teeth were broken and she also suffered some bleeding in her brain. Dr. Jeffrey Bender, who is a trauma surgeon at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, was amazed on how she survived the 3,000-foot fall. Details of the incident can be read at

According to attorney Robert Haslam, more than 20 people have been injured at the Pegasus Air Sports Center. Haslam also stated that the parachute used by the teenager was about 25 years old, although the Federal Aviation Administration ruled that the parachute was in good condition.

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