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From the Texas Trial Lawyers Association: The SBA has released updated FAQs and requirements for businesses that apply for assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program. In our ongoing effort to keep you informed, we are sharing the updated FAQs with you. Click here to access.

10 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Symptoms at Home
New HOS rules by the FMCSA

Yesterday the FMCSA announced approved changes to the HOS rules. The changes will go into effect 120 days after they’re published in the Federal Register (probably in the next week or two). The revisions are as follows: 1) Drivers will now be allowed to take their 30-minute break from driving even if they’re “On-Duty” 2) They can now use a 7/3 and 8/2 split (originally just 8/2)for the sleeper berth provision. Additionally, where the shorter period used to count towards on-duty time, now it will not. 3) The exemption for adverse driving conditions will be extended by two hours. This… Read More

Fort Worth Magazine 2019 Top Attorney

The Haslam Firm is proud to represent our firemen and first responders.

Deadly Defect Found in Takata Airbags

A warning from Associated Press regarding a deadly defect in Takata Airbags.

Firemen and Fort Responders

We are proud to be called upon to help firefighters and their families from time to time. We thank them for their trust in us and we are obviously proud of their work everyday. Insurance coverage is complicated and wrought with danger. Our friends buy coverage believing the sales pitches and pay money every month and then when it is time to use it, various insurance companies play bait and switch or delay. I hope we make a difference in their lives in their time of need.

Deaths Caused by Running Red Lights

Ben Foldy writes in his August 2019 article in the Wall Street Journal about the rise of red light related deaths. He says, “The number of Americans killed in crashes caused by drivers running red lights hit a 10-year high in 2017, which a safety foundation says highlights the need for more cameras at intersections to act as deterrents.” The Haslam Firm remains diligent in helping people hurt by red light runners and continue to help Texans fight Allstate for the low ball offers to their insureds or outright denials of legitimate claims. Please call us at (817) 332-3115 if… Read More

Trucker Rule Change Leads to Questions About Motor Safety

As reported in the Wall Street Journal on August 14, 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in keeping with the Trump Administration’s desire to deregulate and relax federal rules regulating industries, has proposed changes to the “hours of service” rules covering the amount of hours truck drivers are allowed to spend behind the wheel.  Currently, truck drivers are only allowed to drive for eleven (11) hours of a fourteen (14) hour workday. The proposed changes would allow truck drivers to split their previously required ten (10) hour break into two separate five (5) hour breaks, without either counting… Read More

Consumer Reports Highlights

We were recently thumbing though the current issue of Consumer Reports and found these infographics useful and want to share with you. Allstate in Tarrant county- Fort Worth area and Dallas are denying almost all UIM/Um claims and making insureds hire attorneys to obtain the insurance policy benefits they paid for. The typical attorney fee for litigation is 40% so beware that the coverage that you buy may not cover the attorney fees and your injuries. You should buy higher limits to obtain your benefits after attorney fees because of Allstate’s repeated denials of legitimate claims. Click here to download… Read More

Thoughts from Bob

Throughout history Americans have been strong in helping those people in need when people’s freedom has been limited, deprived or restricted. As a juror the reason your jury service is so important to the United States is we are a rule of law and we believe in freedom from pain, impairment and anguish caused by others should be compensated. “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men do nothing” Please maintain the Seventh Amendment for all. Many Americans will never need to call upon the Seventh Amendment; but when you, your family, or your friends do need the Seventh… Read More