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How Often Are Teens in Car Crashes? [Infographic]

Motor vehicle wrecks are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. While this may be, at least in part, due to the general lack of driving experience that 15 to 19 years old have, it’s also commonly the result of the poor choices and risky behaviors they tend to exhibit behind the wheel. Focused on preventing teen crashes and saving lives, federal authorities and safety leaders are sponsoring Youth Traffic Safety Month in May, hoping to: Promote awareness about the common causes of teen driver auto crashes Help young motorists minimize their crash risk Prevent fatal teen auto crashes.… Read More

Six Important Rules To Follow In Order To Get A Fair Settlement.

If you want to win your case and get a fair settlement in your case, then you must read out all these rules carefully, because these are based on research and experience. Rule # 1. Keep a daily record of your injuries in your diary. You must note down the reports of your injuries on your diary on daily basis. If your case goes to trial, you must tell your jury how many days or months you suffered the pain. You must inform the jury of all the details of your injuries. Without an updated record you would not be… Read More

Tips For Avoiding An Assault Or Attack

You can go through an assault or attack anywhere you go, at any time. These crimes are, by their nature, unpredictable. Recently, a Kennesaw State University student learned this when she was attacked somewhere she felt completely safe, on her school campus. Student Attacked on Campus KSU sent text and phone alerts to students, staff and faculty on Friday, May 4 of that year, alerting everyone to the victim’s attack. The alerts lit up phones and messaging at 7:45 a.m., a time when no one has crime on their mind. This made students look more closely at their own safety… Read More

Slipping And Falling In Amusement Parks

Florida has many of the most popular amusement parks that people all around the world come to visit and spend various days with their families and friends. Amusement parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, and more, are places where people enjoy themselves and experience new adventures. People assume that roller-coaster disasters are the accidents that occur in amusement parks, but these accidents are extremely rare. The most common accidents that occur in amusement parks are slip and fall accidents which can result in an injury claim. Causes for Slipping and Falling in Amusement Parks Amusement parks have so many activities… Read More

The Distracted Driving Epidemic [Infographic]

Distracted driving plays a role in causing serious auto wrecks all too often in the U.S. That’s one of the main reasons why federal regulators and transportation safety officials have dedicated the month of April to highlight the dangers associated with distracted driving – and to try to encourage the driving public to recommit to focusing on the task of driving and doing their part to promote public safety on the roads. People need to understand the potential price of distracted driving. The cost of a ticket is nothing, compared to the irrevocable cost of taking someone’s life [in a fatal… Read More

FMCSA Shuts Down Texas Bus Companies for Failing to Comply with 2015 Out-of-Service Orders

A Texas bus operation with a history of violating federal trucking regulations has recently been shut down by regulators at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). According to the press release announcing the closure, the two companies that comprised the now-closed operation included Irving-based Exec Coach, Inc. and HME Executive Coach, Inc., both of which reportedly violated a February 2015 out-of-service order in September 2015 by transporting as many as 500 people across the country. In fact, as officials have explained the September 2015 violation resulted from the bus companies collecting payments from multiple churches to provide roundtrip transportation… Read More

Commercial Volvo Trucks Recalled Due to Potential for Steering Failure, FMCSA Announces

Volvo Trucks North America has recently issued an international recall of certain commercial trucks due to reports of steering failures associated with these vehicles. According to regulators at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), this recall will reportedly impact at least 17,000 Class 8 vehicles in the U.S., and operators of the recalled vehicles “should take the vehicles out of service as soon as possible.” To shed some more light on the details of this recall, below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about it. If, however, you currently need answers about your options for… Read More

Pedestrian wrecks Are Growing Threat to Public Safety, Report Reveals

Although walking may be a health-conscious, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to get around, it may also present a real danger of injury or death to pedestrians – and this danger may be greater than it has ever been, according to the latest report1 from officials at the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). That’s because, as these officials have recently revealed, fatal pedestrian wrecks in 2015 increased more than 10 percent, when compared to the 2014 data. And this spike reportedly represents the largest year-to-year increase that has been recorded in about 40 years (when this data started being collected).… Read More

Train Accident Types And Causes

Each year about 3,000 train accidents happen that results in around 1000 deaths. With the train, even a minor accident can cause death or catastrophic injury due to the locomotive’s weight and massive size. Train accidents cases are complicated and often involve more than one responsible parties. Compared to other vehicle accidents suits the train accident lawsuits subject to different standards, laws, and statutes of limitations. This is why it is advised to get help from experienced Train Accident Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX. Victims of Train Accidents Train accident can affect the whole community like when the toxic chemical… Read More

Plan While You Can, TxDOT Warns Young Drivers in Anti-Impaired Driving Campaign before Spring Break & St. Patrick’s Day

While the Spring season is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the warming weather, it is also a time when impaired driving crashes across the nation tend to start increasing.1Looking to target one of the highest-risk groups for impaired driving crashes, officials at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have recently launched an anti-impaired driving campaign focused on younger motorists who are likely gearing up for Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day and other festive Spring celebrations. Operating under the slogan Plan While You Can, this campaign, which will run through March 19th, is urging younger motorists to plan… Read More