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Assault And Battery Lawsuit FAQs

Personal injury cases are not just for car accidents and slip and fall injuries. There are many types of personal injury cases, including assault and battery. Assault and battery is an intentional act, the opposite of an accident. These matters involve one person intentionally threatening to harm or actually causing harm to another person.

When you suffer assault and battery, you can sue your offender. Assault and battery tort cases are confusing for most victims who do not have a legal background. Below we explore the issues of these cases and explain how a personal injury lawyer can help. If you still have more questions, call our Assault And Battery Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 332-3115.

What is an assault?

Assault is intentional threat to commit violence against someone else. In an assault, the offender or aggressor threatens to cause the victim physical bodily injury. The threat or action must be intentional. It must cause the victim to feel fear or apprehension toward being hurt and must cause the victim to experience the fear firsthand. Only experienced Fort Worth Assault And Battery Lawyers know how to handle such cases.

Most people confuse the word assault with something like a physical punch or a shove. But assault can happen without physical contact of any kind. No punches have to be thrown and no one must be pushed for assault to have occurred. Experienced and qualified lawyers know exactly how to handle such cases.

What is battery?

Battery is the physical action of assault and battery. In relation to a personal injury case, battery is the intentional physical contact harming or damaging a victim against that victim’s consent. Battery is a strike, push, shove or other physical attack for which the victim can sue the aggressor.

Why are assault and battery so often linked?

Assault and battery is commonly described as one criminal offense or concept. This is because the two acts usually happen in the same scenario. A good example of this is a bar fight, during which insults, threats and other words are exchanged before physical altercation. The words are the assault, while the physical altercation is the battery.

Not all batteries are preceded by assaults. If a random stranger punches another person on the street as they pass by, without an exchange of threats or other words an assault did not occur.

What is the difference between assault and battery personal injury case and a crime?

Criminal charges and arrest usually result from assaults and battery cases, as well as cases of both assault and battery. If charges are not filed, there is at least the possibility of criminal charges. In a criminal case, state prosecutors file these criminal charges against the offender as the named and accused defendant. The state manages that case and the victim is a witness.

In a personal injury case, the victim has more control. The injured victim brings the case to a skilled personal injury attorney, filing the lawsuit against the aggressor for his or her actions of assault, battery or both. While victimization under a criminal case may or may not provide a victim the “closure” they need in their matter, a personal injury case is not just about suing for money. It also provides the closure that criminal courts often do not provide for victims. This closure is monetary compensation and time in court or a settlement against the offender.

Closure and Compensation You Deserve for Your Assault and Battery Victimization

If you have questions about assault and battery cases in the state of Arizona, as well as how your assault and battery matter may be resolved through a personal injury lawsuit, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers of Cantor Crane. Your Cantor Crane attorney will help you gain compensation for your injuries, lost income and other damages resulting from your assault and battery.

If you want to speak with the Assault And Battery Attorneys in Tarrant County, call our office at (817) 332-3115 for a Free Case Evaluation. Our Dallas, Texas Assault And Battery Lawyers provide strong legal representation.

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