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Train Accident Types And Causes

Each year about 3,000 train accidents happen that results in around 1000 deaths. With the train, even a minor accident can cause death or catastrophic injury due to the locomotive’s weight and massive size. Train accidents cases are complicated and often involve more than one responsible parties. Compared to other vehicle accidents suits the train accident lawsuits subject to different standards, laws, and statutes of limitations. This is why it is advised to get help from experienced Train Accident Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX.

Victims of Train Accidents

Train accident can affect the whole community like when the toxic chemical spill or it also affect the single person when someone falls off the platform and the train run over him. There can be hundreds of victims when passenger train derail. Train accident victims may include:

  • Bystanders and pedestrians
  • Train passengers
  • Railroad workers
  • Passengers and drivers of other automobiles

If you or someone you know has been a victim in a train accident, call the Fort Worth Train Accident Lawyers at our office right away. The Train Accident Attorneys in Tarrant County understand the local laws and they know how to represent you in court.
Types Of Train Accidents

There are a number of factors which may cause train accidents including:


The most serious and widespread damages are caused due to the derailment. This always results due to the failure to follow the set safety standards but can also be caused by:

  • Obstacles on a track
  • Faulty tracks
  • Overweight cargo
  • Faulty equipment

Head-on collision

This happens when two trains collide. This occurs usually when trains are sharing the same railroad track and there is miscommunication about the trains’ location

Railroad crossing accidents

Such accidents involve pedestrian run over or trucks or cars being struck. People who wait for the train or park on the railroad crossings have been known for taking their own lives. Major causes of the railroad crossing accidents are:

  • Defective gates or signals
  • Objects that protrude from a train-wide
  • Crossings clogged by the plants and other different objects
  • Trains when approach crossings fail to use the lights
  • Trains when approach crossings fail to honk the horns
  • Trains parked too near to the crossings

No collision

Derailment or collision is not the only reason for train accidents. Bystanders and pedestrian can slip or fall under the train and be crushed. In lawsuits where the railroad or train is involved need special skills of the experienced train accident lawyers. If the engineer/conductor, while traveling at the high-speed rate and sees the bystander or pedestrian and attempts to apply the brakes, this can cause the train derailment.


Fires on the train may occur if e.g. a fuel tank blows. Devastating fatality rate may cause due to this as the train becomes the inferno.


Although very rare train incidents caused due to sabotage of railroad tracks, tampering of a train itself, use of weapons like bombs.

Other causes include tired and overworked train crews, understaffed track maintenance department, improperly trained train crew, etc.

An extensive investigation is required to determine the person/party for the victims’ injuries in the train accident. Anyone involved in the train accident needs to consider consulting the knowledgeable and experienced Chino Hills train accident attorney. Multiple factors could be involved that cause such accidents. Zrawa Law Group is serving clients nationwide. The firm’s attorney just not look at the train crew but also inspect the train service company to check whether all the safety precautions and laws were taken care. Call the Dallas, Texas Train Accident Lawyers at our office at (817) 332-3115.

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