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Plan While You Can, TxDOT Warns Young Drivers in Anti-Impaired Driving Campaign before Spring Break & St. Patrick’s Day

TxDOT Launches Anti-Impaired Driving Campaign before Spring Break

TxDOT Launches Anti-Impaired Driving Campaign before Spring Break

While the Spring season is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the warming weather, it is also a time when impaired driving crashes across the nation tend to start increasing.1Looking to target one of the highest-risk groups for impaired driving crashes, officials at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have recently launched an anti-impaired driving campaign focused on younger motorists who are likely gearing up for Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day and other festive Spring celebrations.

Operating under the slogan Plan While You Can, this campaign, which will run through March 19th, is urging younger motorists to plan ahead if they will be drinking alcohol so that they are not tempted to get behind the wheel and put their life – and the lives of others – at risk.

As part of this campaign, TxDOT authorities will reportedly be sponsoring a “multi-city” educational tour, part of which will involve having the public play a new game (interactive dodgeball) that is intended to reveal how alcohol impairment slows reaction times.

Commenting on the importance of this campaign, TxDOT Traffic Operations Director Carol Rawson has explained that:

Besides being a potentially deadly choice, the cost of a DUI is far-reaching with long-term consequences that can negatively impact a young person’s future… Many of these young people are under 21 and it is against the law for them to drink alcohol. A young life cut short is a heartbreaking tragedy so we urge every driver to obey the law and make responsible choices.

A Glance at the Dangers of Impaired Driving

Impaired driving – including both drunk and drugged driving – is so dangerous not only because it can substantially delay motorists’ reaction times but also because it can:

  • Diminish perception – In fact, both sight and hearing are far less acute when motorists are impaired. While this can prevent drivers from recognizing essential visual cues – like traffic lights and brake lights from other vehicles, it can also result in them not recognizing important auditory cues, such as ambulance sirens, sounds of approaching vehicles, etc.
  • Degraded judgment – Impaired drivers are far likely to make other poor decisions once behind the wheel (such as succumbing to distractions or speeding), and such judgment impairments can start arising at BACs as low as 0.02 (some studies have revealed).
  • Impair coordination – In other words, impaired drivers are far less likely to be able to coordinate the various actions and movements necessary for safe driving (like, for instance, checking blind spots while maintaining the course).

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1: According to data compiled and published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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