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Biloxi train crash UPDATE

Our Firm has had several hearings and is prosecuting the CSX/Echo Bus crash in Mississippi. We continue to help people injured in catastrophic Bus and Train collisions. Read more about the Bloxi train crash in our last blog post here. It is important to hire knowledgeable counsel quickly to preserve evidence the defendants have in their control. We are glad to help you or your family. You should concentrate on your families needs and let us handle the aftermath. Our attorneys can be reached at (817) 332-3115 for a Free Consultation. Call today to discuss your case with our Bus… Read More

Train Crash in Biloxi

  The Haslam Firm is currently representing the families who’s lives were destroyed by the train crashing into the bus in Biloxi.  Read more about the crash here.   We have years of expertise handling bus crash cases. They are very specialized cases with unique laws and rules.  The Haslam Firm has previously won a jury verdict in the infamous Choctaw/Cardinal bus rollover on the George Bush freeway. It is extremely important to hire knowledgeable counsel quickly to preserve evidence the defendants have in their control.  We are glad to help you or your family. You should concentrate on your families needs… Read More

Challenges Faced In A Personal Injury Claim

Depending on the fact of every case in the section of the LSAT, there are different challenges faced by every individual. Although most cases have complications, in case some does not, it will get settled without filing any sorts of lawsuits. Following the right LSAT study tips is the catch to crush the LSAT.  But when we consider the literal definition, there is always a challenge when it comes to proceeding a lawsuit. While in some cases, the damages and the injuries caused are not really disputed, but the negligence and responsibilities of the defendant for those damages is disputed.… Read More

Who Is At Fault In Your Auto Accident?

When you experience an auto accident, your life goes into chaos. Part of this chaos comes from not knowing who is at fault in the crash. But a personal injury and auto accident lawyer can help you understand who is responsible. This key information after an auto accident plays a major role in the direction and outcome of your personal injury claim. After all, the responsible parties are also usually financially and legally responsible for the damages you suffer. These damages include your injuries, medical costs, lost income, property damage and other costs. For some accidents, only one driver is… Read More

Sleep Deprivation Can Be A Killer For Truck Drivers

Sleep deprivation is a common cause of truck accidents in New Orleans and throughout the country. According to the US Department of Transportation up to 28% of truck drivers could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation is one of the primary causes of accidents on American roads. According to statistics provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration or NHTSA as many as 100,000 accidents annually can be traced to drivers who doze off behind the wheel and as many as 1500 deaths and 40,000 injuries may be caused by drowsy drivers. The Sleep Medicine Division of the Harvard… Read More

Payment Of Medical Bills In An Auto Accident Injury Claim

When people get hurt in an auto accident, they often wonder who is going to pay for the medical treatment that they need. Getting a personal injury settlement or a verdict at trial in a personal injury claim is great, but it doesn’t help you pay your medical bills immediately. It depends on the type of accident that you are involved in, the state that you reside in and the type of insurance involved. Being injured in an auto accident generally translates into huge medical bills. If you were transported to the emergency room in a hospital by an ambulance,… Read More

The Severe Nature Of Auto Accidents In Emergency Lane

Recently, the legislature in Georgia enacted a law which, if properly enforced would impact law enforcement officers, tow truck drivers, and people who need to pull over on Georgia’s interstates by increasing their safety. It is known as Georgia’s Move Over Law and the legislature deemed it necessary because careless and reckless drivers often get too close and crash into vehicles that have stopped in the emergency lane. Motorists need this law to remind them to avoid vehicles in the breakdown lane. There are a multitude of reasons for people colliding with vehicles stopped in emergency lanes including lack of… Read More

Assault And Battery Lawsuit FAQs

Personal injury cases are not just for car accidents and slip and fall injuries. There are many types of personal injury cases, including assault and battery. Assault and battery is an intentional act, the opposite of an accident. These matters involve one person intentionally threatening to harm or actually causing harm to another person. When you suffer assault and battery, you can sue your offender. Assault and battery tort cases are confusing for most victims who do not have a legal background. Below we explore the issues of these cases and explain how a personal injury lawyer can help. If… Read More

Six Important Rules To Follow In Order To Get A Fair Settlement.

If you want to win your case and get a fair settlement in your case, then you must read out all these rules carefully, because these are based on research and experience. Rule # 1. Keep a daily record of your injuries in your diary. You must note down the reports of your injuries on your diary on daily basis. If your case goes to trial, you must tell your jury how many days or months you suffered the pain. You must inform the jury of all the details of your injuries. Without an updated record you would not be… Read More

Tips For Avoiding An Assault Or Attack

You can go through an assault or attack anywhere you go, at any time. These crimes are, by their nature, unpredictable. Recently, a Kennesaw State University student learned this when she was attacked somewhere she felt completely safe, on her school campus. Student Attacked on Campus KSU sent text and phone alerts to students, staff and faculty on Friday, May 4 of that year, alerting everyone to the victim’s attack. The alerts lit up phones and messaging at 7:45 a.m., a time when no one has crime on their mind. This made students look more closely at their own safety… Read More